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One of my FAVORITE forms of AB/DL -- the cute little adult baby in adult baby phone sex!!

Mommy loves to play but also knows that you need lots of love and a firm guiding hand from mommy so let's get cozy in your cute little diapers, grab a pacifier, and maybe slide into your jammies.........

Mommy likes story time, feeding time, nursing, play time with abie, diaper changing, cuddling, etc.....

Mommy also knows that some abies needs guidance so you may need an over the knee spanking if you fall out of line.


1-888-412-1552 to TALK TO MOMMY MICHELLE

Adult Baby phone sex with the best!! Whether it be adult baby stories, diaper changing, diaper fetish phone sex, erotic hypnosis or just a great phone sex mommy. I LOVE adult baby fetish and diaper fetish and I take my time to learn what is unique about everyone who also loves their unique take on AB/DL. Get cozy my little adult baby, I am ready for the hottest mommy phone sex EVER!!!
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