Hypnosis Phone Sex

Mommy is a huge fan of Hypnosis. And I totally love age regression, And I love phone sex so why not combine all of them!! Give me a cute little phone sex caller who wants to regress into a little girl and gets all girlie and sissy for Mommy. And watch that fantasy get more and more dramatic and intense when it is combined with erotic hypnosis.


Well hypnosis allows you to completely relax and enjoy that experience; I mean why would you not want to deepen your enjoyment of something so amazing. If you have never done erotic hypnosis phone sex with me before, then be sure to have a head set and plan for at least 30 minutes to completely enjoy this amazing experience.

Mommy Michelle

Sexy Phone Mommy

Do you ever feel that technology can be wonderful and also a complete pain at the same time.   I changed hosts to a much more fabulous one that is easier to use the the evil Go Daddy I had my site on — but the downside is that I have to start a lot from scratch.

The upside though is that I will probably blog more and this will be much more updated for all of you as it won’t drive me mad every time I want to do something

So be patient and give me a call in the meantime