AB/DL Phone Sex

Now there are some phone sex sites that ban the fun stuff like AB/DL — WTF — why?

Consenting adults should be able to talk about whatever the fuck they want to talk about with other consenting adults — right??

I mean if you are old enough to drink, pay taxes, go to war, buy cigarettes — why in the fuck can you not have a nice fetish filled talk

Well that is why I am not on nightflirt or any of those other restrictive service — can you imagine they actually can listen in if they want — WTF on that too

So that is my little rant about that — for all you ABDL lovers

For all of you who love AB/DL like I do — embrace the fetish and enjoy it.   There is nothing more relaxing that coming home from a super stressful day and putting on a nice diaper and just relaxing and letting yourself be FREE

Love you

Mommy Michelle


Diaper Fetish Phone Sex

Diapers and powder and messes and wetting — all the things that make diaper phone sex amazing.   Now sometimes mommy realizes that her babies may like grey goose or beer in their bottle more than milk and other times it is nice to be a strict mommy and not allow any of that without a punishment like a good rectal temperature taking.

And then there are some who it is JUST about the diapers and I love those too — wear them, feel them, use them — and enjoy yourself in them!!

Love ya

Mommy Michelle


Been a long time without a mommy…

So mommy has had a whole bunch of real life stuff going on so she hasn’t been around and able to listen to all you diaper lovers and abies and sissies who need mommy.  I know it has been hard but Mommy has a whole bunch of great backup mommies available for you to call so I hope you will take advantage of them and let them diaper you and powder you and all of the other things you need.

Miss you and love you

Mommy Michelle


Hypnosis Phone Sex

Mommy is a huge fan of Hypnosis. And I totally love age regression, And I love phone sex so why not combine all of them!! Give me a cute little phone sex caller who wants to regress into a little girl and gets all girlie and sissy for Mommy. And watch that fantasy get more and more dramatic and intense when it is combined with erotic hypnosis.


Well hypnosis allows you to completely relax and enjoy that experience; I mean why would you not want to deepen your enjoyment of something so amazing. If you have never done erotic hypnosis phone sex with me before, then be sure to have a head set and plan for at least 30 minutes to completely enjoy this amazing experience.

Mommy Michelle

Sexy Phone Mommy

Do you ever feel that technology can be wonderful and also a complete pain at the same time.   I changed hosts to a much more fabulous one that is easier to use the the evil Go Daddy I had my site on — but the downside is that I have to start a lot from scratch.

The upside though is that I will probably blog more and this will be much more updated for all of you as it won’t drive me mad every time I want to do something

So be patient and give me a call in the meantime